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Adventure Log


Getting tubular in the Subway, Going vertical on Angels Landing.


The Subway, Angels Landing.


The Subway requires permits throughout the year and is frequently at high risk for flash flooding. That said, it’s one of the truly remote and quiet areas of the park. Angel’s Landing is one of the most popular hikes inside of Zion Canyon, and you should expect heavy traffic, particularly in the middle of the day. If lines, crowds and/or heights make you uncomfortable, be warned that all three exist in heavy combination on the chained path to Angel’s Landing.

The Subway

Sign on trail that reads: Entering Zion Wilderness
Trickling waterfalls.
Tunnel rock formation.
Stick with erosion marks in creek bed.
Peace signs in the Subway canyon.
Exploring a slot Canyon
Dunking head under waterfall.
Organic Waterpark™

Angels Landing

The Start
The Start
Southwesterly view of Zion valley from Angels Landing.
Walking on the top ridgeline to the peak of Angels Landing.
Northeasterly view of Zion valley from Angels Landing.
Zion Valley to the Northeast.
Natural rock with chain stairs on Angels Landing.
The descent.